Our company started producing in the sector in 1958 with the production of chairs in Balıkesir Susurluk. Its founder is Mahmut Gülen.
In 1967, a factory producing wholesale and retail home furniture was established by his son Beytullah Gülen in İzmir Karabağ.
In 1990s, he opened 2 stores in Karabağlar and Kısıkköy to present furniture of its own designs.
In the early 2000s, a new page was turned over in the company with the innovative view of his son, Onur Gülen.The third generation of Altis furniture, inspired by the experience and discipline dating back to years with the awareness of their valuable heritage, is heading towards higher targets every day.

Adopting a design-oriented approach, Altis incorporated details such as curtains, wallpaper and accessories, which are complementary to home decoration, in 2009.
Products of Altis have been produced for many years to ensure customer satisfaction and to offer permanent happiness.

Altis is waiting for you to add a new identity to your living spaces with its quality and creative design concept.