As a product of thought that has been going on since 1958, Altis; It was established in Balikesir. Our brand, which stepped into the sector by producing both wholesale and retail home furniture; self-actualization in an ever-growing and store-bought framework
continued the process.

It is very open to innovation, has lines that likes to make a difference, and it is
Altis, who does it expertly; It tells a story that has lasted for generations. Perceiving this process as a legacy and combining it with discipline, Altis Furniture grows by being inspired by the future.

Since 2009, it has also included details such as curtains, wallpaper and accessories, which are complementary elements. With its quality and distinctive design approach, products with a specific identity, and its structure that focuses on experience, Altis brings life


Altis; With all the principles it has adopted, it has adopted the principle of quality production by behaving respectfully to nature, people and all social rights. Altis in the sense of mission; has aimed to progress in an expert framework in every field from production to after-sales.


Managing the production and sales processes with an effective and authorized brand positioning on a global scale defines the vision of Altis Furniture.